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She saw me looking at them and said;”If you disobey and try to get up you will be shackled to the chair and secured to not interfere!

As she walked away and went to the door closed it and now it had 2 locks on the door one the same as before and now one just below the door knob and she locked it now leaving the room totally glowing a red color everything was perfectly visible that need to be visible yet darkness was everywhere else!!

Snake Lady now grabbed my hand and I followed her over to the bed my totally naked wife on it still to far gone and not even back with us yet and we sat on the bed there beside her awaiting her coming around as little movements of her body arms, legs, etc [Total Lesbian] Teaka.

And now are fully open again so that I may flood them over fill them with my seed so your seeds coming from your tubes and ovaries will meet my seed and consummate a total breeding so that you give me a son of the darkness; A son of a Bitch!!

For this you shall be rewarded a lifetime of total complete pleasure!! A lifetime of total satisfaction!!

Of which you have only just begun to know my beautiful little sacrifice!!

The hog I sent to for you to mate with and get such pleasure from and the complete copulation as your took his seed so pleadingly willing to want and got as he filled your womb to bursting with hot cum seed!!

Prepared your womb for what I will do to your little belly so on fire with wanton pleasure for my seed to fill you even fuller and far hotter than he!! As my seed my precious little sacrifice shall stay hot inside your womb sealed up for days and days of fiery hotness!!

My wife jumping and jerking about now knowing his seed was going to fiery hot in her womb and she desired it!! She Pleaded for it!! She pleaded for his Beast of all Beast to fuck her, With his beast cock; Of beast cocks; The king of them all she was telling him and us alike!!

The master of darkness spoke to us my tiny little wife hearing every word perfectly knowing he was speaking to us! Told us only his precious little sacrifice as yet had seen his beast cock and then and there pleaded for it!! Begged for it!!! Bitch in heat desire for it!!

My wife then said Yes my master, Yes my husband, Yes my mistress of the dark, I want his beast cock to fuck me!!! I begged him for it!! I pleaded with him to give it to me!! I became a full outright Bitch in heat so that I could take it!!

And now when I have soaked the demon seed into my cunt walls!! My ass walls!! my womb walls!! my ovaries!!

I shall then be granted the privileged you the pleasure and wantonness my husband, and my mistress, to watch when he begins to mate with me, fucks me, pleasures me, and above all my husband for us to enjoy together the gift of his, filling my womb, flooding my ovaries, colliding and entering my seeds of new life!!

The new life of his beast son inside me growing and fulfilling my desire to be the mother of his son!! The Bitch in heat that offered myself fully to his Beast father!!

He shall suckle up to my breast then filled with the life giving nutrition he will need my husband as I will allow you and you to mistress to watch and see his beast belly swell with my precious milk!!

The master of darkness, The beast of beast now said o
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Over and over I am fucked, I lose count of the number of times I have been used, climaxed on the packs huge cocks as each takes it turn to fill me with its seed, Shaking my head thinking I must have been imagining things I heard the first howl in the distance behind me, a howl that sent a shiver running up my spine….

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“Yesss, like, you have no idea baby… Please?” She pouted her full lips, her eyes practically shimmering with hope,

“H-hey, that’s not fair!” He blushed brightly, but sank to his knees before the edge of the bed, watching as she sat herself down on it with a playful smirk

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